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libertas ad esse


libertas ad esse

Perhaps the human, quite individual perception and understanding of art, and most of all literature has been perpetually evolving and gradually changed over time.

Nonetheless, there is one binding element, which undoubtedly constitutes a timeless motive. Freedom.

The freedom of the mind, love and body. The vastness of artistic interpretation this innately human idea has procured in every form of art, be it the visual arts such as theatre and cinema, painting or literature cannot be entirely recorded.

However, if especially all great literature is viewed while taking this precedent into account, a common motive is quite easily found.

The Greek myths and tragedies, Othello, Faust, Les Miserables or 1984, despite their many differences in style, intent and societal circumstance all express a common desire for freedom.

We would like to offer you, dear reader a space (if you have not clicked us away yet) to present and discuss your artistic ideas of whatever form and hopefully create a community of not necessarily identical, but much rather mutually challenging minds.

Discussion and provocation is desired!

Unfortunatly, we all won’t be making any money off this, because the site is neither registered as a company under German law (yet), nor do the people running this have any access to sufficient funds.

We (Fiona v Egloffstein and Philip Gonzalez Faitz) are merely poor students!

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